Welcome to my blog

Welcome to the premiere blog about everything you need to know about SQL Server…. well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but it is a blog about things in SQL Server!

I have worked with SQL Server for around 10 years now and and considered stepping out into blogging for some time now. I have learned from so many others in the SQL community that I find this is a great way to start giving back. In addition, selfishly I want a place to document things for myself so I have a resource to go back to when I forget how to do something. This never happens to me, but word on the street is that as you get older you might. So this provides a resource to me and hopefully a resource to others. And hey, if the helps the ole career or if somewhere along the way a company decides they like what they see and want to offer me a lot of money to come work for them then that is okay too.

My hold up has always been where to start and how are you supposed to blog. I read some other people’s stuff pretty often, but have never been a blogger myself. But as they say “every journey begins with the first step” and sometimes you just have to start. So here goes….